Benefits of Bodywork

Receiving bodywork benefits a client’s overall health and well-being by increasing circulation of blood, body fluids, and qi. This results in increased immune system function, pain reduction, and increased organ system. Bodywork increases a person’s awareness of their own body/mind. Often clients are able to reduce the frequency they become ill because they become more in touch with their body’s own warning system and are educated on what to do when their body is under stress.

Just taking time out to come to bodywork appointments holds it own value in self healing. By coming, clients are committing their own energy into feeling healthier. Following through with dietary and life style recommendations clients are able to take their well being in to their own hands. Clients are educated about how food, exercise, and think patterns affect their health. As practitioners we seek to educate clients to make health decisions and empower them to continue feeling better outside of the session.

Clients are given at least an hour of individualized focused time. By giving individual time to a client we are offering an opportunity for them to discuss the reason behind the symptoms, clients often are able to figure out the root of their discomfort once they start talking.