How Often Should I Receive Bodywork?

In order for therapy sessions to be effective, an individual will need to come on a regular basis. Depending on the condition being treated it could be as often as once a week or as little as once a month.

Commonly, people who have a long-term condition come once a week for six weeks and then reduce the frequency to once every two weeks until the condition is better. The rule of thumb for chronic conditions is three months of treatment for every year one has had the condition.

Once chronic conditions are relieved, coming for preventative care is important for maintaining health. Preventative healthcare treatments are generally scheduled once every three weeks.

Ultimately, how often treatments occur depend on the client’s needs and desires. Some clients may come for a more revitalizing and relaxing treatment rather than for healthcare; these clients often come once a month or as desired.

Remember, the more regular the sessions and the more dedicated the client is to following through with dietary and lifestyle recommendations the more effective and longer lasting the results of the bodywork treatment will be.