EFT Testimonals

Gastroparesis and Food Issues

The NAET and EFT sessions I experienced with Emily Yuen have had a lasting effect on my well-being. Throughout my life I have had a combination of digestive issues and food sensitivities. 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. My health had seriously deteriorated, and traditional Western medicine offered very little relief. I knew I couldn’t give up and began my exploration of other therapies.

After years of yoga, acupuncture and strict dietary guidelines I was very much improved. Unfortunately, I was still experiencing chronic pain and a laundry list of symptoms. After working with Emily, I have had a significant reduction in symptoms and a new healthier relationship with food.

As a result of this significant shift I am eating a greater variety of foods and actually cooking. I now try to enjoy the process of shopping, cooking and eating which is something I have never had in my life. It is amazing how much joy this has added to my everyday life.

Emily‘s intuition, warmth and kindness have opened new doors in my journey to living a joyful healthy life. I am now empowered with more tools and techniques to stay healthy; as well as a greater sense of confidence in my resiliency to weather the health challenges that arise from the everyday stresses of life. Thank you so much Emily.


A. R.

Pre & Post Surgery and Claustrophobia

A few winters ago I fell skiing – really just tipped over – but I injured my shoulder pretty badly and ended up with a surgey.  I’m a bit claustrophobic, so before I went in for an MRI, I used EFT to help me cope.  Thanks to tapping (EFT) I had no issues with being in the MRI and was able to stay calm. I prepared my body for surgery using EFT to help deal with the fear and to help me visualize a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I have had bad medications reactions in the past, so I used NAET to prepare my body to be less reactive to anesthesia and pain medications.  I followed Dr. Haynes pre & post-surgery nutrient and dietary protocol and used homeopathics and EFT visualization techniques to help me heal quickly.  I am so grateful for my knowledge of NAET and EFT, the help of the talented staff at Boise Natural Health, and Matt Booth at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy.

Emily Yuen, ABT

Heal Past Traumas

“I came to Emily Yuen after breaking my toe, a debilitating injury in my line of work. In addition to her Amma bodywork, she began teaching me EFT, or “tapping,” as I now refer to it. She explained that I needed to clear emotional trauma or blockages in order to heal the physical pain I felt, and EFT was one method she used to do that.

Through this simple and powerful tool, I’ve been able to get clear on all sorts of emotional and psychological issues that have plagued me for years, allowing clarity and the ability to reframe my thinking in more positive and constructive ways. With Emily’s guidance in learning to use EFT as a tool for myself, I’ve gotten to the roots of many long-standing problems, and can now use what I’ve learned on my own to deal with life’s little or big challenges as they arise, which has benefited and healed my physical body as well.

EFT is easy to learn and effective when practiced, and I would highly recommend learning it from Emily specifically, as she’s extremely intuitive, articulate, and practiced with this powerful tool.”


Emotions Were Stopping Me from Overcoming Food Sensitivities

“EFT has allowed me to gain control of negative emotions and release thoughts that have been subconsciously affecting my life. She introduced me to EFT during my allergy desensitization treatments with NAET. Although I portray myself as a stable, friendly, and happy person to the outside world, I tend to swallow my emotions and not talk about things that bother me.  Emily’s intuition about my holding on to past experiences and their effect preventing overcoming food sensitivities was very enlightening.  It has helped me work through internalized anxiety about a long-distance holiday visit from my family and about my long-standing and repressed fear of death.  It also helped me release negative emotions (anger and sadness) associated with a childhood trauma.  She helped me find the right words and feel confident taking on big issues that I didn’t feel prepared to do on my own.  During a panic attack, Emily was able to guide me through EFT to stop it and be come relaxed.  It was an amazingly quick recovery.  I believe that anyone can learn EFT through books and websites, but I would recommend working with a trained EFT therapist, like Emily, to really learn, understand, and experience the difference it can make.”


Emotional Freedom Techniques for Addiction, Depression, ADD and Anxiety

Doing Emotional Freedom Techniques with Emily Yuen changed my life. I have used EFT for many situations and topics including quitting drinking, smoking, managing my ADD, and transforming my life from low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts into a life that is full of joy and capable of adapting to stress and change.

I have haven’t smoked  or drank in over 6 years. I am now able to identify my triggers that start my negative thinking cycles and I am able to stop myself when I am acting from a place of fear and mistrust. Before working with Emily I was unable to hold down a job with set hours. I disappointed my clients, friends, and myself by being unable to keep my word and follow through with commitments. I was plagued by feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. I now have a great paying job that I love that has benefits and I am able to meet deadlines.

Before EFT, I had gone to PhD counselors weekly for years without being close to having the breakthroughs I experienced with EFT. Before EFT, I had felt that I was broken and that I could not be fixed. I no longer feel broken.

I believe that EFT helped me to learn to accept where I am in life. It has taught my brain to be able to cope and has helped rewire my thoughts to how I want to experience my world. I worked with Emily weekly for a several months while I overcame drinking. After that, sessions reduced to once or twice a month while I did EFT on my own regularly. Now I see her as new situations arise or as I am ready to work on a topic more deeply.

Thank you for helping me to enjoy living.


Chronic Physical Pain Gone with EFT

It has been delightful to learn EFT, a simple, easy to use method from Emily Yuen to manage my emotional state and physical pain. The pain in my liver from a chronic infection is gone after 28 years! EFT didn’t take years of practice and expensive therapy to learn and apply. I am repeatedly amazed by how simple it is to release big emotional issues that I have held as physical pain in my body.

– SA

Guidance Helped Enormously

I worked with Emily Yuen in EFT/body work sessions to help me process some difficult issues I was going through.  It helped enormously.  I feel very safe with Emily because she is totally present, yet unperturbed by all of my emotions.  Part of the EFT process is to verbalize both negative and positive thoughts and feelings, and she brilliantly guided me through this, helping me test out ideas, and guiding me to where I needed to go.  I got very teary at the end of our first session because it was just so nice to have a safe person guide me through those feelings.
J. T./em>

Past Experiences

Emily Yuen’s intuition about my holding on to past experiences and how they were preventing me from overcoming food sensitivities was very enlightening. She helped me find the right words and feel confident taking on big issues that I didn’t feel prepared to do on my own. During a panic attack, Emily was able to guide me through EFT to stop it and become relaxed.