NAET Testimonials

Even the Mayo Clinic Couldn’t Help

I have energy, I no longer feel heavy and dragged down.  For 7 years, I have been exhausted – my life was debilitated by my brain fog and extreme fatigue. My ability to concentrate has improved tremendously and my energy is fantastic.  I can now do chores and projects at home that I neglected for years. I tried many other conventional and alternative treatments, I even went to the Mayo clinic and OHSU, with no results. I felt hopeless before NAET with Emily Richmond (Yuen).

My nerves now feel calm. I am no longer constantly on edge. I am much more adaptable and able to cope with stress. Simple things bothered and irritated me, even sounds. I am now desensitized to these sounds that made me want to run away. Before NAET I wanted to be away from everyone because it was such an effort to interact. Now I am fine and enjoy going to family gatherings and talking to people.

I used to feel so defensive and physically shaky and tingly around stressful interactions. I can now stay calm and focused in tough situations.

Emily helped me identify my sensitivity to my pet. She also helped me get chemicals like laundry soaps and toxic cleaners out of my house. So far I have had about 37 treatments.

Other issues that have improved or resolved:

  • Rosacea on my face has decreased and the rashes went away
  • I was surprised to notice my hair started growing in on my scalp
  • Sinus congestion has gotten better, I used to get up several times at night to clear my throat
  • My shortness of breath has improved- I am no longer gasping for breath
  • My hands used to shaky most of the time- now this is rare
  • My body no longer tingles all over
  • For the first time I could feel the refreshing feeling of cut grass, it was so pleasant

Thank You!

Chemical, Mold, and Environmental Sensitivities Alleviated

I no longer have issues with fragrances and chemicals when I’m in stores. Fragrances from trees and flowers are pleasant now. The off-gassing of my new car is less of a problem. Now I’m eating foods I was intolerant to such as tomatoes, peppers, raw broccoli, vinegar, spices and yeast with no symptoms. I am even digesting meat well.

NAET with Emily Richmond has improved my health in many ways. My allergic response to a bee sting was treated with NAET and the swelling and pain in my arm went down immediately followed by a reduced recovery time. The itching and swelling from mosquito bites is no longer an issue for me. My environmental allergies to molds, pollens and trees are doing so well. My endocrine system is normal, my iron levels are especially great, and I’m no longer sluggish late in the day. We have even been working to support my brain and memory.

I feel well and energetic at 74. The naturopathic treatments I received at Boise Natural Health were complemented by the NAET treatments.

I would recommend NAET to anyone who wants to decrease any type of hypersensitivity,  wants to absorb food and supplements, or who wants to improve their immune system. I especially enjoyed the professionalism and care provided by Emily Richmond.


NAET Helps with Autism Specturm PDD-NOS, OCD, ADHD & Sensory Issues

I have an 8 year old daughter who was diagnosis as PDD-NOS (part of the Autistic Spectrum) and inattentive ADHD.  Her grandfather has high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. I have dyslexia and some traits similar to those on the spectrum. There are lots of food & environmental allergies in the family. I have worked with kids and adults with Autism and ADHD for over 18 year and never found anything as beneficial as NAET. I was so happy to find NAET and see how it was able to benefit my daughter.

  • She is no longer appears as if she is on the Autistic spectrum
  • Her ADHD continues to improve dramatically as we continue NAET
  • She no longer has a vision impairment and no longer sees double – This was helped by Dr. Scott Lewis a Focus Vision Therapy in Meridian, ID.
  • She is reading above grade level and enjoys art!
  • She is learning math now
  • She has friends and appears typical among peers
  • She has a stronger self esteem
  • Her anxiety is reduced and has less anxious behaviors
  • Her OCD behaviors have stopped
  • Her coordination and core strengthen have greatly improved thank to the Brain Balance Center in Eagle, ID.


ADHD, Cold Sores, Depression and Addiction

NAET with Emily Richmond (Yuen) helped my inattentive ADHD so much that I am able to hold down and desk job and work on my Masters in Business.

As a child I had a reaction to a vaccine. I had seizures and a fever. I was constantly sick as a child and suffered with ADHD.

As an adult I was allergic to vitamin C, was constantly getting cold sores, had seasonal allergies, and struggled with alcohol. I had terrible memory issues, low ferritin levels, nose bleeds and depression.

I had to run my own company in order to accommodate my constant need to get up and move and shift from one subject to another – I could not have a desk job.

After 15 to 20 NAET treatments I was able to focus so much better that my business was thriving. I later sold my company for a profit! I now work for a successful company and sit at a desk 40 – 50hours a week. I have received several promotions. I love my job and I couldn’t have done it without NAET. I even found when returned to the Master’s program I started years ago, that it was so much easy this time around.

I was also able to give up drinking and smoking three-years ago as I no longer needed to calm myself down. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) really helped with that as well.

I can take Vitamin C, I rarely gets cold sores, my seasonal allergies are under control, I no longer get nose bleeds, my memory is better and my depression is so much better. I am better able to handle anxiety and stress and I have a stronger immune system.

~ J.S.

I am Able to Eat Gluten with No Reaction

“I started NAET because I was gluten intolerant and I wanted to be able to eat it without experiencing heartburn and digestive disturbance. The visible evidence of NAET is 1uite obvious, for example the positive changes in my stool. My digestion is much better after NAET. My heartburn has decreased by 90% and now it only happens if I eat too much volume. Now I am able to eat gluten with no reaction. I choose not to over-consume gluten anyway, as I believe the actual structure of wheat and corn have been compromised. Traditional Chinese Medicine has played a huge role in my life. I would not be the healthy 82 year old man that I am without it. I am the only person my age that I know who takes no prescription medication. I don’t know why people don’t believe they can’t change or why they don’t want to try new things. I encourage you to explore natural healing such as NAET with Emily  Richmond (Yuen). Thanks to NAET I now enjoy chocolate cake and am able to eat out at restaurants with my bible study group.”

~E. S.

It Has Become Such a Pleasure to be Around My Boy

I started N.A.E.T. for my third grade son at the end of the school year. Even though he had not formally been diagnosed with ADHD, he showed all the signs of it. A restrictive diet (no gluten) had shown some results, but not enough. My son is highly intelligent but could not focus on any given task in class. He was hyperactive, could never be still or quiet, was greatly distractible, and disturbed his class a lot. I knew that he could learn his lessons with ease, but his grades were only just average. School, instead of being stimulating and fun, had become torture for my child.

After the first 10 treatments of N.A.E.T., we were able to start “brain treatments,” which are said to be a great help for people showing these kinds of disorders.

The changes that I witnessed in my son after he cleared each of these treatments were beyond my wildest dreams. When it first happened, he all of a sudden knew what to do. For the first time in his life, he knew the sequence of things to do, for example for walking the dog. He got the dog ready with leash and collar, had a baggy ready, and put his shoes on, without needing to be reminded of any of these things. He had never been able to get ready before on his own. Normally, I would have to give him several prompts for each of the steps involved. Now, he is even able to be helpful to me and others, and can see what needed to be done to accomplish that. Before we could begin the brain treatments, his mind was so overwhelmed that he was never able to see how he could be helpful to others. He may have had the idea, but could not follow through with it. Now, my boy is really enjoying knowing what to do and how to do it. For the first time, I found out what it is like to have a 9 year old child, instead of a 3 year old.

N.A.E.T. is not a quick or easy fix but it is absolutely worth the effort. I am very pleased with the changes in my son and so happy for him. The thought of him at school used to make me cry, to think of how difficult it must be for him to sit still when he couldn’t, to attempt to be on task all day when he couldn’t even remember on his own of putting on his shoes before leaving the house. Today, he is proud of his work and is happy to go to school. Classes are now interesting and exciting, and are no longer a burden for him.

After the summer vacation, during which we made great progress with his N.A.E.T. treatment, he has entered fourth grade and has the same teacher as the year before. She is extremely pleased with his improvements and is amazed with his new focus and ability to get the job done. His grades, which were average before, have improved to almost straight A’s. We know, of course, that he is still a little quirky and wiggly but that is what makes him unique. Even the school counselor, who doesn’t see him a lot, said it is great to see how much my son has changed, how he is now confident enough to talk to other people outside of his class, something that he didn’t do at all before.

N.A.E.T. is not an easy solution like swallowing a pill. Many treatments are required in order to obtain lasting results. Some treatments even need to be repeated. It takes many weeks, even months, to achieve such good results. One must actively participate in the treatment, for after each session, one must avoid to touch or ingest certain foods and products during one full day.

However, I like N.A.E.T. because it is non-invasive, my child does not need to ingest harmful chemicals with possible side effects, and—best of all—it provides solutions that will last.

My son has still more treatments to do and I can’t wait to see more positive changes! It has become such a pleasure to be around my boy. I lose my patience with him less, and he feels more confident, and is happy and proud to know what he is supposed to be doing. I receive many compliments about him from people around us. My son’s life has been effectively turned around and is now most enjoyable.


NAET Resolves Eczema in Infant – Case Study

by Emily Richmond (Yuen), ABT

In June of 2012 a 5-month old breast feed infant came to see me for eczema. The mother had given up gluten, dairy and caffeine and didn’t use soap to wash him or his clothes.  Even with these changes, the mother rated the severity on a scale from 1 to 10 the eczema was a 7-8.  The baby also suffered from constipation.

I treated the baby for 6 months using NAET – allergy desensitization.  We visited 1 to 2 times a week. The eczema is now at a 1 on the scale of 1 to 10. Much to the mother delight, she has been able to eat gluten, dairy and caffeine.  The baby is able to tolerate laundry detergent and soap.  He is still breast feeding and has begun eating solids foods without any problems.  He has more regular bowel movements also.

The baby is still receiving NAET finish off the remainder of the eczema.  We are expecting a complete recovery.

Update: after a few more treatments the eczema cleared up.

Dramatic Improvements in Energy, Digestion, and Pain Levels

After completing the Basic 15 NAET treatments I now definitely feel improvement in my health. The changes came slowly; sometimes I wondered if anything was happening at all. Emily had cautioned me that the progress would be slow at first but to watch for changes. I think it was about the 7th or 8th treatment that I really could say I was beginning to see noticeable improvement. Now, at the end of the Basic 15, I feel a definite overall improvement. My husband and daughter very pleased with my results so far as well and support me continuing with NAET treatments with Emily Richmond (Yuen).

I have felt a huge improvement in my energy level. It is such a dramatic change that my whole family recognizes the improvement. I no longer need to take naps. I no longer need or want to cry at the end of the day from exhaustion. I have the energy to start AND complete projects. I even have the energy to complete the clean-up at the end of laborious projects! I cannot remember when I didn’t leave some clean-up for a later time. I even have energy to spend with my family at the end of the day.

My health concerns left me feeling hopeless and out of options before NAET. I had exhausted the regular medical avenues seeking for improvements. I have a fabulous doctor and even she was frustrated with the lack of improvement. I had completed 4 years of allergy injections without much improvement to my quality of life. I had a number of food allergies which made dining out or with friends nearly impossible. Even my mother preferred NOT to try to provide me a meal! After hearing Emily Richmond (Yuen) share how NAET changed her life I felt inspired to try it with her. I am so happy I did.

My swelling and joint pain continues to decrease. My clothes are fitting better.

The pain in my liver from a chronic infection is gone after 28 years.

I typically suffer from chronic sinus infections. I didn’t get a single one this summer even through an allergy season that included thick smoke from nearby forest fires, which meant no need for antibiotics! Because NAET has helped my body become naturally better balanced it is able to rebalance itself and naturally fight infections.

My digestion is so much better. I am finally regular and consistent. I now have significantly less pain, gas, and bloating. I attribute much of my new found energy and well being to the improvement in my digestion.

In addition to NAET, it has been delightful to learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from Emily as well. I have learned this simple, easy to use method to manage my emotional state and physical pain. EFT didn’t take years of practice and expensive therapy to learn and apply. I am repeatedly amazed by how simple it is to release big emotional issues that I have held as physical pain in my body.

~ SA

Seasonal Allergies

My seasonal allergies which I have in all four-seasons have greatly improved with NAET treatments with Emily Richmond (Yuen). I am just finishing up with the basic 15 treatments (which are large nutrient groups from food and plants) and I am already having great relief from hay fever. I am taking far less anti-histamines and my overall health and tolerance to my allergens has dramatically improved. I am pleasantly surprised and I am looking forward to treating the local trees, weeds, sage and grasses this winter!


After completing the basic 15 I came in for treatments for dust, trees, pollen, and animal dander. I am no longer snoring at night, I am sleeping much better, and I no longer have to take daily anti-histamines. My brain fog has gone away and I love having more energy. Thank you Emily Richmond (Yuen) and NAET.


After completing the basic 15 I could mow the lawn without a mask, without taking anti-histamines, and without needing to shower to prevent hives. I no longer feel terrible for the entire next day after mowing the lawn. I continued on with NAET and treated for local trees and pollens. For the first time ever, I rode my bike on the green belt with the cotton woods blooming and I could breath, my eyes weren’t tearing up and I wasn’t blowing my nose constantly.  I actually stood underneath a blooming cottonwood. It was beautiful and was like being on a brand new planet. I am no longer afraid to go outside in  Spring. I now make sharing NAET with others my life’s ambition and career here at Boise Natural Health as my environmental allergies are just on of the many ways NAET changed my life.

~ Emily Richmond (Yuen)