Nutrition Class

Nutrition for Real People

~ Removing Obstacles

This is a 3-day, 15-hour class (5 hours per day). Currently this class is not on the schedule please email or call to be put on the contact list for the next class.

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Class Syllabus

  • General Dietary Recommendations – percentages, portions, times of day and frequency for eating, understanding the glycemic index
  • Foods to Avoid – trans fats, artificial flavors, refined foods and reading labels
  • Local, Organic and Whole Foods – sources and importance
  • Understanding the Spleen – a Chinese approach to strengthening digestion
  • Energetics of Food – what foods are right for you
  • Weight Loss – dispelling myths of fad diets
  • Identifying Food Sensitivities – finding aggravating foods by modifying your diet
  • Healthy Food Substitutes – sweeteners, caffeine, dairy, and gluten
  • Cooking Whole Foods – beans, grains, and basic meal preparation, preparing foods in advance
  • Menu Planning – using the internet, creating your own system that saves you time
  • Grocery Shopping – a field trip to success
  • Tips on Cooking – dealing with families’ diverse needs
  • Healthy Changes – how to make them stick


  • Dietary Log – Keep a record of all foods you eat for 1 week before the 1st class begins
  • Watch an assigned movie on the food industry before the 2nd class
  • Read labels on all items in your cupboard a fridge before 2nd class
  • Cook food to share for your 3rd class

Registration: $250 per person. Register early and save $50 ($200 per person) OR pay full price by the early registration date and bring a family member for free. Contact Emily if you are interested. A payment plan is available.

Emily Yuen, Asian Bodywork Therapist, Dipl. NCCAOM
B.A. Applied Asian Medicine, Evergreen State College 2003

Practicing Wholistic Nutrition since 2002
Yoga Instructor
Owner of Whispering Lotus Healing Center