Sports Massage

Emily uses her continuing education in Sports Massage to help clients with injuries that may have resulted from an active lifestyle or restricted joint mobility from repetitive use.

Emily blends Sports Massage techniques such as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretches; trigger point and strain/counterstrain techniques; cross fiber friction into her treatments when needed. Examples of conditions these techniques are used on are: muscles spasms; injuries or restricted movement of the shoulder, ankle, or elbow joints; low back pain such as sciatic or hip pain. Sports massage maybe used to increase flexibility, reduce tension in tight muscles, increase blood flow to injured sites to stimulate healing, and to reduce swelling. Emily teaches clients how to do therapeutic stretches to increase their healing.

Sports Massage is used to help the body recover from injury as well as help prevent injury by maintaining the body’s fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tissue and by preventing loss of mobility in joints. Active people experience a boost in their performance and recover from physical exertion faster when receiving sports massage after an event.

Manual Therapy and Athletic Injury Rehabilitation: Benefits of a Class of Therapy (United States Sports Academy)