NAET Getting Started

NAET therapy is a commitment and we want to make sure that people understand what is involved before they start.

  1. Read What Does a NAET Treatment Involve?
  2. Watch these two videos.
  3. Make an appointment to begin treatment or you can set up a free 10-minute consult in person or on the phone to discuss if NAET is right for you.  Call (208) 901-8556.
  4. If you need more information, you can take a look at the official NAET website or read our Testimonial Page.

Before your first appointment:

  1. Print and fill out:
  2. We highly recommend you purchase one of the books Say Good-bye to Illness, or Say Good-bye to Allergies by Dr. Nambudripad, the founder of NAET.  They are also available on CDs.  These can be purchased through the NAET website store. Either of these books or CDs will provide you with the history of NAET and inspirational case studies.
  3. Within the first few treatments, please bring all medications, supplements, labs and pertinent medical records.