Testimonial for Emily’s Yoga Class:

Aside from being a powerful and inspiring friend, you are an amazing Yoga instructor! I’ve taken classes with many yoga instructors over the years and none compare to you. I’m always looking for aspects you have as a teacher in other instructors I have, but none of them match up. I am grateful to have the foundational knowledge you instilled in me. Otherwise, I’d probably end up hurting myself with the lack of direction most teachers provide.


I started practicing yoga at the age of 46, which is an age when muscles stiffen quickly and are not happy to be stretched, initially. I chose Emily and Whispering Lotus because of the small class sizes and Emily’s terrific instruction, attitude and ceremonial style she brings to the class. Emily is a wonderfully patience, yet firm instructor, funny yet poignant.  I feel like I am in a safe and loving space when I attend class. When I first started I was rather inflexible.  After attending class only three or four times I was amazed with my added strength and flexibility. I feel ten years younger!
Thanks Emily and Whispering Lotus, Mary Fish

I have taken yoga on/off for over ten years with many different instructors in many different locales, and believe that you are the best instructor I have taken yoga from. Perhaps your immediate success—as a wonderful yoga teacher—is influenced by the fact that you know each of your students in another way (bodywork client, colleague, friendship, etc.). And also that you are already a healer and teacher in a great many other ways. I really enjoy what I will describe as your holistic approach to presenting the yoga class. I like the meditative theme—and your explanations, I really like the chanting—as it gives me confidence to try this alone and in the group…and grounds me to start the class. Your demonstrations and physical alignment guidance are accurate, gentle and well received.

Thanks for the great experience—I am looking forward to continuing!!


I first attended this class with the idea of simply learning a new method of relaxation, and to gain a bit more flexibility.  I was very surprised to receive specialized instruction which has helped me to gain FAR more flexibility in my body than I had previously. I’ve also been taught meditation techniques, and specific exercises to do at home based on my own particular strengths/weaknesses/needs.   Due to the small class size, Emily tailors the classes in order to meet the specific needs of her students, which is a completely different dynamic than a “normal” fitness center class.  This class is great!